FREE Worldwide shipping


Free Worldwide Shipping!

Standard Shipping Time
US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand: 7-21 days
Other countries: 7-31 days

Processing time time
Please allow 3-5 business days for order processing. Processing includes checking, packing, and sending your orders to the post-office. After all these procedures, the tracking number will be provided to you. Processing time should be added to the total delivery time.

In very rare occasions, the delivery may take longer that the standard shipping time stated above. Most of the delays are caused by the customs, that, unfortunately, we can't control. We seek your patience and understanding should this happen.
Separate shipments
We strive to only ship complete orders. However, in particular cases, your order can be split into several packages. This is mainly caused by different supply warehouse's locations. In this case you will be provided with two or more tracking numbers.

Customs fees
In most cases, customs fees do not apply. The customer is responsible for all for all customs fees should this happen. Please contact your local customs agency for more information.

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